Plant Health Care


Plant Health Care

Lawn Health

A dark green, lush, healthy weed free lawn by Garron Grounds Management (GGM) will be the envy of your neighborhood. We offer a choice of organic or non-organic programs. Our programs are developed to maximize the beauty of your property. Several factors will determine the outcome of your fertilization program.

A licensed trained GGM professional will make timely applications of balanced fertilizer, formulated for our region. These formulations vary during the season depending on growing and soil conditions and your lawn’s needs.

Weed spray treatments are included in spring and fall to control such weeds as dandelions, clover, black medic, plantain plus many others. Spot spraying for new or persistent weeds are done between these treatments to keep weeds in check. Curb lines are always included with our full service program.

Crabgrass and Annual Weed Pre-emergent

Have you been fighting a losing battle with grass weeds or other troublesome annual weeds? GGM pre-emergent program of spring and/or fall treatments will drastically reduce seed germination of these troublesome weeds allowing your turf time to recover and fill back in.

Lawn Insect and Disease Management

Does your lawn have brown or off color spots? It could be a disease or insect causing the problem. Call GGM and we will send out a trained professional to diagnose and formulate a plan for controlling this issue. Sometimes simple cultural changes such as proper watering or mowing height may reduce problems.

Moss Control

Moss problems are usually a result or sign of poor cultural conditions. GGM will recommend ways to improve on these conditions. At times applications of ferrous sulfate or ferrous ammonium sulfate may be needed to keep knocking back the moss while over seeding the area to thicken the turf. However these products can stain concrete surfaces.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

Tired of hand pulling weeds in your shrub beds only to have them return practically overnight? Let GGM go to work for you. We begin with a pre-emergent treatment to all of your cleaned and prepped shrub bed areas. This will help reduce many of the seeds from germinating thus reducing much of the weed growth. We then make timely follow up applications during the year to spot spray for any new or persistent weeds.

Tree and Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs are your most valuable landscape asset. They provide shade, wind shelter, privacy and beautify your property. Maintaining that asset can be difficult, time consuming task. The GGM professional staff will help advise you on a plan to keep your landscape healthy and worry free.

Tree and Shrub Insect Management

Your landscape will benefit from timely, professional applications to minimize insect damage, keeping your trees and shrubs healthier and beautiful. In the early spring, an application of horticultural oil with copper will control insect eggs, scales and early stages of diseases. Later in the spring, as your plants begin to leaf out, insects such asaphids, caterpillars and mites will begin mobilizing to your property to feed and damage your plants. GGM licensed technicians will be ready to fight back with applications of insecticide/miticides at timely intervals to stop the attack keeping insect populations in check. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) will include organic treatments and natural controls as well.

Systemic Injections

Are you tired of the sticky mess on your car or patio from dripping trees? GGM will come out early spring and/or late in the fall to do a root zone injection to reduce the insects that are causing this problem. Treatments are recommended as a preventative. This treatment is for certain shade trees only.

Deep Root Fertilizing

A root zone fertilizer application may be recommended for some landscapes that are struggling due to stresses such as heat, drought, disease or insect damage can benefit from a fall root zone fertilizer application formulated to help promote growth and recovery in the upcoming year.

Fungicide Treatments

Some landscape plants are prone to various diseases. If these occur your Garron Grounds representative will advise you on options for treatments and cultural improvements to minimize these problems.

Free Service Calls

When you sign up with Garron Grounds Management Total Care Tree and Shrub Program,should you have any questions with your landscaping plants call us and we will dispatch a representative to meet with you at no extra charge.

Soil Sterilizing and Bareground

Tired of seeing weeds show up in your gravel and rock areas? Garron Grounds can take care of this problem on an annual basis.

Noxious Weed Contol

The Oregon Department of Agriculture requires property owners to keep their Noxious weeds controlled. Garron Grounds Management uses a variety of equipment for the most efficient and effective methods to control these problem weeds.